about us

VAV WEAR brand is a brand established after 20 years of textile production and military clothing experience, to use this experience in domestic and international markets, to make a name for its customers who prefer outdoor and tactical clothing with its quality and to be the best in this field.

Our main goal is to make a difference in all the components used in the products. This difference is embodied in the final product, starting from the yarn of the products, the dye group used in the fabric, the design to the sewing, quality, high-end raw materials at every stage, the technological innovations of the day, R&D studies, and the finalization of the product with the design studies.

We bring all of our products together with you, our valuable outdoor and tactical wear-loving customers, with the approval of professional users.

Our goal is to get better every day, to gain the love and appreciation of our valued customers who use our products, to be known worldwide and to be in the top ranks.